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Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program

Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program

Effective immediately for the 2025 contribution season,  the Archdiocese of Atlanta and the board of GRACE Scholars has decided to discontinue operations and transition to the Greater Opportunities for Access to Learning (GOAL) Scholarship Program.

About the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program

  • GOAL is Georgia's leading student scholarship organization with over 231 participating schools. The partnership between Georgia GOAL and the Archdiocese of Atlanta will allow even more students the opportunity to attend Blessed Trinity Catholic High School. 
  • As the first Student Scholarship Organization formed in the state of Georgia, GOAL has consistently worked with its participating schools to raise the largest share of taxpayer contributions each year. (Though there are close to 25 Student Scholarship Organizations in the state, GOAL has raised approximately 50% of all contributions statewide, since inception of the program).

Georgia GOAL FAQ's

Who benefits from the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program?

  • GOAL invests significantly in providing its partner schools with the tools, technology and support necessary to compete for the popular tax credit dollars.
  • All Georgia taxpayers are eligible to receive a 100% state income tax credit in exchange for their contributions to Georgia GOAL.

You are already paying income taxes to the state. Why not redirect some of those taxes to provide tuition assistance to financially eligible Blessed Trinity Catholic High School students?

How do I sign up to contribute to GOAL?

  • To secure your 2025 GOAL tax credit, you must submit your application before the end of 2024. Apply today by visiting GOAL will handle all remaining steps in the process until your contribution is due in mid-March 2025, within 60 days following approval by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Georgia GOAL Application

If you have any questions about the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program or the transition from GRACE to GOAL, please contact Katy Cowan, Director of Advancement. 

Contribution Limits Based Upon Taxpayer Filing Status are as Follows:

Tax Filing Status Tax Credit Limit
Single $2,500
Married Separate $2,500
Married Joint $5,000
Individual Pass-through Owner $25,000
C Corp, Trust or Electing Pass-through 75% of annual tax liability
Business that pays insurance premium tax 75% of annual tax liability, but credit shall not exceed $1 million



For the 2024-2025 school year, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School students were awarded $250,100 through the GRACE Scholars Program.

Thank you to all of the families that chose to participate in this program.