Parent email update

Blessed Trinity is updating and clarifying our email communications policies and we invite everyone to review the information below to ensure you understand how email communications work at Blessed Trinity and to make sure that we have the best email contact information for you. Please note that you will receive a copy of this information via email for each student you have enrolled at Blessed Trinity (class of 2024 emails will be sent on June 12th, class of 2023 on June 15th, class of 2022 on June 16th, and class of 2021 on June 17th).

We have prepared a short video presentation explaining the information below and invite you to take a few minutes to watch the presentation in addition to reviewing the details below.


Communications with parents occur under three different scenarios: 

  • General email blasts
    • E.g. weekly ‘BT Happenings’ newsletters, special communications from the administration, etc.
    • Parents are automatically added to this list upon enrollment at Blessed Trinity using email addresses provided on the school admissions application (or existing emails for parents at the school prior to 2020).
    • Click here to sign up for general email blasts

  • Grade-level specific communications
    • E.g. notices to senior parents surrounding graduation, information on freshmen parent nights, junior college nights, etc.
    • Parents are invited to join these “class of” lists - please look for an email from the school or complete the form below.
  • Direct email correspondence originating from a member of the school’s faculty, staff, or administration
    • E.g. teacher communications with parents, individual requests from the Guidance department, weekly lunch statements, etc.
    • These emails are sent to a specifically designated “Guardian email address” and we are limited to a single email address per student (at this time). Parents are asked to designate either a single email address or an email address shared among multiple guardians to ensure these emails are received by all necessary parties. Note: we will continue to collect multiple email addresses but only the Guardian email address will receive direct communications at this time.
    • Please look for an email from the school or complete the form below to update your information.


Email communication preferences and changes of email address may be submitted via the following form. Important note: this form requires that you enter your student’s ID number - please check your email or ask your student for their ID number.