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Blessed Trinity instituted the House System in 2007 to help students acclimate quickly to their new school and feel an immediate sense of belonging.  

Our House System allows us to create smaller communities within our school community. 

When students enroll at Blessed Trinity, they are randomly assigned to one of our eight houses:  Aquinas, Dante, Goretti, Kolbe, LaSalle, Seton, Vianney, or Xavier.  All siblings are placed in the same house.

Congratulations to the newly elected House Leaders for the 2024-2025 school year!

Aquinas - Luke Lohman, Sarah Manigat, Gabby Ballesteros and Megan Nott
Dante - Bianca Ciotti, London Ray, Shae O'Neill and Courtney Leszynski
Goretti - Brooke Dowhower, Will Russell, Lily Sanchez and Rachel Sannuti
Kolbe - Clare Cole, Isabella Diaz, Emma Lawrence and Joey Chiaffredo
LaSalle - Meredith Kane, Aiden Kayati, Mary Elizabeth Gibbs and Cas Irving
Seton - Sarah Mathies, Ansley Smith, Andre Garcia and Brantley Terry
Vianney - Juliana Carreira, Isabella Damas, Grace Flanagan and Lucia Saint Pierre
Xavier - Jack Gilkey, Kaelyn Sweeney, Meghan Sweeney and Kenna Brown

Assistant Director of Student Activities

Jan O'Donnell

Jan O'Donnell

A house system in Catholic schools can offer several benefits, both in terms of student development and
community building. 

Benefits of a House System:

  • Fosters a Sense of Belonging
  • Promotes Healthy Competition
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Character Development
  • Mentorship and Support
  • Encourages Inclusivity
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Sense of Identity
  • Enhanced School Culture

Blessed Trinity House Structure:

  • All students are assigned a house.
  • Each house has a House Director that is a member of our faculty/staff.
  • Each house is divided into six families led by a faculty/staff mentor.
    • All families are made up of a small group of students from all grade levels.
  • Student house leadership consists of 2 elected senior captains and one elected representative from the 9th, 10th and 11th grade members of each house.
  • Families meet on designated Tuesdays throughout the school year

Each school year, the eight houses compete for “House of the Month” and “House of the Year.” 

Houses compete for points in several ways: attending designated athletic and fine arts events, making honor roll, and taking part in house tournaments and other house competitions throughout the school year.  

Throughout the year, the House System promotes healthy competition as students seek to win the House Cup. The House Cup is awarded at the end of each year to the House that receives the most points from events that encompass the four pillars of Blessed Trinity's mission statement: spiritual formation, academic excellence, artistic sensibility and athletic achievement.

Students can earn points for completing service projects, attending designated marquee events, winning school-led house competitions and more. 


2022-23 House Cup Winner: Dante House

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Blessed Trinity House System