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Blessed Trinity Catholic High School requires a simple hairstyle that is consistent with the simple, tailored appearance of the school uniform and reserves the right to control extremes in hairstyles. The maximum acceptable length of hair for boys is above the eyebrows, and to the mid ears at the sides. The back of the hair may not touch the top of the collar. Boys' haircuts are to be clean cut and the length of hair may not be shortened or controlled with the use or assistance of hair gel or other hair products. Non-compliance with these procedures will result in a uniform violation each day. Students with a questionable hairstyle are to be sent to the administration who reserves the right to suspend a student who fails to comply in a timely manner. 

The following hairstyles are not permitted: 

  • Hair that is heavily bleached 
  • Hair that is dyed unnatural colors 
  • Mohawks or formed mohawks 
  • Shaving patterns in the hair  
  • Shaving or cutting one part of the head and leaving long on other parts
  • Excessively teased or bushy hair or hair that is unkempt in appearance
  • Ponytails worn or man buns worn by boys 
  • Braids worn by boys must be cut so that the hair does not touch the top of the shirt collar. Resolution must be deemed acceptable by the administration. 
  • Facial hair is not allowed. Boys are to be clean-shaven at all times. Students not in compliance will be sent to the grade level assistant principal to be escorted to the clinic to shave immediately. A uniform violation will be issued to the student.