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Chromebook Information

An important note about device lifespan

All Chromebooks have an “expiration” date after which they will not receive updates. This date is derived from the product launch date, NOT the purchase date. It is unfortunate that some retailers may add potentially deceptive language to their product listing such as “New 2024 model X Chromebook” and while the device may be new in the box in 2024, it could have been released years earlier and may have stopped receiving updates. Please check Google’s Auto Update policy to see when any device you are considering may reach its end of update cutoff.

What to look for in a Chromebook

All Chromebooks work the same, the differentiating factors are speed, size, screen, and additional features such as a touchscreen, etc. In general (and especially in terms of device quality) you get what you pay for but the overall performance difference between the fastest and slowest Chromebooks only means a second or two difference when loading pages (this can obviously add up when a student opens hundreds of pages a day but speed should not be the only consideration). The best advice we have is to make an ordered list of device characteristics that are important to you and use that to guide your shopping. Factors to consider are:

  • Device size (Chromebooks range from 10” to 15”+ but most students prefer a screen size between 11.6” and 13.3”)
  • Device weight
  • Ruggedness (especially when you consider how your student treats their backpack, etc.)
  • Touch screen and/or a convertible model that will switch between laptop and tablet modes
  • Processor speed (in general an Intel Core CPU offers the best performance)
  • We recommend at least 8Gb of memory.

The website ChromeUnboxed also maintains a running list of articles featuring current Chromebook reviews and sales.

The importance of Accidental Damage Protection

Chromebooks typically have a standard one-year manufacturer warranty that does NOT include any accidental damage coverage. This means that if your student drops their new Chromebook and cracks the screen you would need to purchase a new device or pay for a costly repair (and probably have the manufacturer’s warranty voided). Most retailers offer some form of extended warranty and/or accidental damage protection. We strongly encourage purchasing complete coverage (for device breakdown and/or accidental damage) and generally recommend coverage for two years (the break even point between price and coverage and the average length of time most students use their device before upgrading). If you already have a Chromebook but would like to purchase damage coverage for it, there are several options available online.

Chromebook Requirements

Any Chromebook that meets the requirements below is acceptable. There are a number of Chromebook options available through resellers such as Best BuyWalmart, and Amazon.

  1. All students must have a working Chromebook.
  2. The device must be a Chromebook; PCs and Macs are not allowed for use during class on campus.
  3. The Chromebook battery must last for the entire school day without requiring charging.
  4. The Chromebook must not be enrolled for management at another school or organization.
  5. The Chromebook must be reloaded and enrolled for management by Blessed Trinity.
  6. The Chromebook must have a keyboard (for Chromebook tablets an external keyboard and stand are required to allow typing on a student desk).
  7. The Chromebook must be covered under Google’s Auto Update policy (devices considered “expired” under this policy may still work but are not recommended).
  8. A one-time (per device model) management license fee of $35 will be billed to your FACTS incidentals account.
  9. Screens must not be cracked.