Dress Code

Uniform Guidelines

All uniform attire is sold through the Titan Spirit Zone, the school store.

Boys/Girls Slacks: Slacks must be the official uniform khaki embroidered with the BT logo. Slacks are to be fitted to the waist and hemmed properly. Pants worn on or below the hips are not acceptable. A brown belt with small plain buckle must be worn at all times.

PE Uniform: The PE uniform is a gold performance shirt, green mesh shorts, and tennis shoes.

Girls Skorts: The BT plaid skort must be worn. The hem must be no more than three inches above the crease at the back of the knee. Senior girls may substitute the khaki skort embroidered with the BT logo. Skorts must not be rolled. Girls who receive a uniform violation for skort length must have the skort properly hemmed within ten (10) school days or they will be required to wear slacks for the remainder of the semester.  Parents receive written notice of this consequence.

Shirts/Blouses: All students wear a white or yellow long or short sleeve oxford shirt embroidered with the BT logo. When long sleeves are worn, the sleeves must be rolled down and the cuffs buttoned. Boys must always have the top button buttoned when the tie is worn. Girls must have all buttons buttoned except for the top one. Collar buttons must be buttoned except when the crew neck sweater is worn. On days when an alternate shirt is authorized in place of the uniform oxford (such as the senior polo) the shirt must be tucked in, never folded under. On days that house shirts are worn, the only permissible house shirt is the shirt for the current school year; however, it does not need to be tucked in. Shirts must always be worn while in the building; undershirts do not constitute a shirt.

Outerwear: The following are acceptable for outerwear: Hunter green sweater (V-neck or crew neck pullover, vest) embroidered school monogram, full zip or quarter zip fleece jacket, or hooded nylon jacket, and BT Letter Jacket (must earn varsity letter to purchase). Your uniform oxford shirt must be worn under the approved outerwear garments. No other sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets are to be worn during the school day. Non-uniform outerwear must be placed in the locker before first block.

Shoes: For both boys and girls, only the following uniform shoes are acceptable:

Bucks (Dark Brown Only)

Penny Loafers (Dark Brown or Cordovan Only)

Saddle Oxfords (Girls only, Black/White only)

Docksider-style shoes (only acceptable options are Sperry Koifish in Linen Oat and Intrepid in Dark Tan).

Only standard black, brown, or white shoelaces may be worn and must be tied.

All shoes must have scuff-proof soles. No other types of shoes are allowed unless a written request from a physician is presented to the grade level assistant principal for approval.

Socks: Boys must wear solid color socks in khaki, dark brown or white. Girls must wear solid white, Forest Green or gray socks in crew, or knee sock style. Solid white, green or gray tights or hose are acceptable in place of socks. No patterns or designs are allowed in either male or female wear. Girls may not wear socks over their tights.

Ties: The uniform straight and bow ties (green and gold striped) are required to be worn by underclassmen. Seniors have the option of wearing the senior tie (green and gold striped). Ties are to have the knot covering the top button of the shirt. A traditionally accepted knot is to be used; the level assistant principal may rule on the appropriateness of the style of knot used.

T-Shirts: Only plain white Crew-neck or V-neck undershirts are permitted to be worn under the uniform shirt. For the girls, undergarments worn with the oxford shirt must be white or flesh colored only.

Jewelry: Both boys and girls may wear a small thin gold or silver chain with a cross or medal. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings while in school uniform. Girls may wear very small gold or silver earrings, or diamond, pearl or gemstone studs. Only one earring per ear is permitted. Hoop earrings that are larger than a quarter are not permitted. Dangling or chandelier type earrings are not permitted. Earrings should be a small and unobtrusive part of the student’s uniform. Only one gold or silver bracelet, or small religious icon/saint bracelet, and/or elastic hair tie (for girls) may be worn. Thick chains, beaded, leather, woven or stone necklaces or bracelets are not permitted. Students may only wear one ring per hand. No rubber bracelets may be worn.

Additional accessories: Scarves are not permitted. Girls may wear headbands in the following solid colors:  black, white, gray, gold, and hunter green are permitted.

Tattoos and body piercing: (apart from pierced earrings, which are allowed for female students) are not considered to be consistent with the uniform code. Therefore, students should not obtain visible tattoos or have their bodies visibly pierced. The school reserves the right to expel students who violate this rule and who refuse to remedy the situation.

Headwear: No hats, caps, stocking caps, bandanas, or scarves may be worn inside the building. Girls may wear hair clips or headbands that are solid hunter green, gold, white, black or gray. Boys may not wear headbands, or sweatbands.

Repeated violations of any Uniform Guidelines may result in suspension or expulsion from the school.