STARS Peer Tutoring Program

STARS Peer Tutoring Program 
Students Teaching and Reaching Students

The STARS Tutoring Program is a student organization that promotes academic assistance to fellow students who require some extra support in identified subject areas. 

When a student feels that they can use assistance in a course, they may request a STARS Peer Tutor in one of two ways: 

  1. Email Mrs. Yates, in the Academic Support Center
  2. Complete a paper request in the Academic Support Center (room 611)

Our Peer Tutors are BT students who have demonstrated mastery in an area of study. Peer Tutors are not paid tutors. They have their own classes, and they participate in various other sports and activities at BT. This program is considered an act of "service" at BT. Tutors are not required to assist students on an ongoing basis (i.e., provide remediation), and they are not permitted to tutor off campus. Sessions typically last between 30 and 45 minutes, and they are held in the Academic Support Center or another on-campus location.

Sometimes, students require more assistance than a Peer Tutor can provide. Students who are struggling in a course, or who require foundational skills, will be asked to seek help from their classroom teachers. Teachers are available after school and by appointment. 

The Academic Support Teachers maintain a list of paid referral tutors, should you need one; these tutors are not endorsed by BT, but have provided us with contact information for their services.