Light of the World Service Program

“Light of the World” 
Service Program 2019-2020

Why Serve?

Christ tells us:  “You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14).  He also calls us to serve others with love and compassion:  “...whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40) 

Our “Light of the World” service program reminds us that we are all called to bring the light of Christ to others.  By serving the poor, the most vulnerable and marginalized, we put our faith in action.  

Our mission in Campus Ministry includes offering service opportunities that help students be actively involved in their faith, develop a servant’s heart, and a lifetime habit and desire for serving others.                                                                                                 

Service Requirement

Participation in the “Light of the World” Service Program is an annual and graduation requirement.  All students must complete 15 hours of service each school year.

Works of Mercy service hours are strongly recommended and encouraged because they give students the opportunity to help those who are most in need.  Christ asks us in Sacred Scripture to: Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, Visit the Sick and Those in Prison, Instruct the Uninformed/Convert Sinners and Comfort the Afflicted and Sorrowful (Mt 25:35).  All these activities are Works of Mercy.

Students must work with Approved Works of Mercy Organizations that are included in x2VOL.  If a student finds an organization not on the approved list and it meets the criteria for Works of Mercy service, they can contact the Director of Campus Ministry to have that organization approved and added to the list. 

Unacceptable Service:

Babysitting, any activity expected of you as a family member or neighbor, tutoring friends, relatives, neighbors or classmates (unless it is through BT STARS), and any paid activity.                         

Reporting Service/Verification

Students report all service activity online through x2VOL.  New students will be trained early in the new school year.  

Students should bring the new BT Verification Form (it will be available on the updated BT website and in Campus Ministry) to each service event.  Students must get the on-site supervisor to sign this form and upload a photo of it in their report.  This will ensure immediate supervisor verification so reports can be approved in a timely way.  Verification can only come from the on-site supervisor of the service activity. Family members and students may not serve as an on-site verification supervisor without prior permission from Campus Ministry.

If the Verification Form is not taken to the service activity, students must get both the email and phone number of the on-site supervisor since they need to enter them in their x2VOL report.  

Falsification of information in x2VOL is a violation of the Honor Code and will be addressed as such.

Instructions for Recording  Service Hours in x2VOL:

  1. Open your x2VOL account (through Naviance/Family Connection)
  2. Click Add Hours
  3. Click Create New
  4. Type the Name of the Agency or Organization where you performed service
  5. Describe the service you performed in detail in the “PROJECT DESCRIPTION” space.
  6. Scroll down to Activity Contact*
  7. Type the name of the person who will be verifying the hours* (must be a person from the approved organization/agency)
  8. Type the phone number for the on-site supervisor at the organization/ agency
  9. Type the verifying email address for the on-site supervisor.  
  10. Scroll down to Claim Hours
  11. Submit the date of the service and the number of hours you worked.
  12. Scroll down to Apply Hours to Goal (2019-2020 School Year)
  13. Answer Reflection Questions
  14. Upload Completed and Signed Verification Form (photo of it)
  15. Click the statement that your information is accurate (Verification of Honor Code).
  16. Click Submit

*Advise the agency/organization on-site supervisor to expect an email and/or text within 24 hours after student submits report from x2VOL as follows: with the subject:"Service Hour Verification".          


Students should submit service hours as soon as possible after completing them so hours can be verified and approved in a timely manner.  Service hours not verified cannot be approved until they have been verified. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the agency/organization and resubmit the hours/report so hours can be verified and then approved. 

Service hours for each school year must be SUBMITTED in x2VOL by the due dates posted on the BT website calendar:

  • August 9, 2019:  Summer Service Hours (All new students will be trained on how to report service in their x2VOL account the week of August 12.  They should submit summer hours after they have been trained.)
  • December 6, 2019:  7.5 Service Hours  
  • April 17, 2020:  Balance of Service Hours (7.5) 

Seniors cannot exempt final exams unless required Service Hours are up-to-date, completed/submitted and verified by these December and April dates (NO EXCEPTIONS). 

Student Accountability

Students are responsible for checking/tracking their service hours and reports regularly throughout the school year.  If they have not received on-site supervisor verification for their service hours within 2 weeks after their report has been submitted in x2VOL, they need to contact that supervisor and advise that their service hours cannot be approved until verification is received.  

The new x2VOL Mobile App will help students keep updated on their service activity including the verification and approval process.  Students can get the x2VOL app in the App store. 

Monthly emails advising service hours status to date will also be sent to both parents and students throughout the school year.  Parents may monitor service activity by using their student’s username and password.

Performing Service Beyond the Requirement

Students are encouraged to perform service over and above the requirement.  They should report all service hours since they will receive credit for bonus hours that exceed the requirement. 

Seniors who complete 100 or more works of mercy hours cumulatively during their academic years and have met the service hours requirement on time at the end of each academic year are eligible to order the service honor cord in the spring of their senior year.


Service Not Completed

Since completion of service hours is both an annual and graduation requirement, seniors who do not complete their required service hours (submitted, verified and approved) will not walk at graduation.