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Driver's Education

Blessed Trinity offers both components of the Driver’s Education requirements in the state of Georgia through Safe America Foundation for an additional fee of $400.
The health portion of this course provides a focus on substance abuse and includes the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP), which is required to obtain a driver’s license in Georgia. 
The Driver Education classroom portion of this course is taught by Blessed Trinity faculty. The course provides the state-mandated thirty hours of class instruction focusing on driving laws and highway safety. Completion of this course requires the student to complete six hours of driving time outside the school day with an instructor and automobile provided by a state-licensed driving school. 
Should a student choose to take these courses at Blessed Trinity, here are the steps that must be completed:

  • Students take the 30 hour Driver's Ed Class during the semester (typically freshman year, but is open to all grade levels).
  • Students should get their Learner's Permit when they turn 15.
  • At the end of the semester after completing the 30 hour Driver’s Ed class, parents should contact Safe America Foundation at for the Driving Instructor assignment. This should be 3 months prior to when the student can obtain their driver's license (Student must hold their learner's permit for 1 year and 1 day).
  • Parents will schedule three, 2-hour driving lessons (a total of 6 hours) directly with their assigned driving instructor (students have 1 year from class date to complete the driving lessons).
  • The road test is offered by Safe America Foundation (email to schedule) or can be scheduled with the Department of Driver Services.

 Students and Parents, the following items are necessary to bring to the road test:
1. Your Joshua's Law Certificate for the Classroom Instruction - emailed to parent after student completes driving lessons with Safe America or upon request from Safe America.
2. Your ADAP (Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program) Certificate from Blessed Trinity Front Office Staff.
3. An Attendance Form must be requested from and notarized by the Blessed Trinity Front Office Staff.
4. Parents sign an affidavit at the DMV to verify that their teen has driven 40 hours with them.
5. Safe America provides the driving lessons that are part of the Driver's Education course at Blessed Trinity.

For more information, contact Mary Lou Pagano from Safe America at 770-973-7233, ext. 1.