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Attendance Procedures


If your student is checking in late
All students who are late must check in with the front office. To be excused, call or email Sherry Hart or send your child in with a note.
If you are checking a student out early
Please call or email Sherry Hart, or send a note in with your child. Students should come through the front office to pick up a pass that will allow them out of class. (Teachers will not allow students to leave without a pass.) If students know they are going to check out early but did not get a pass from the office, they should first check their BT email. Students must come to the front office to sign out before they leave and must have parent/guardian permission.
From the Blessed Trinity Catholic High School Student Handbook:
Attendance Office Check-In/Check-Out
Any time a student leaves school or returns to school during school hours, he/she must report to the Attendance Office and submit an Attendance Office pass to the teacher.
Part Day Absence
Plan personal appointments outside of school time. However, if a student must be absent from school during a portion of any day, the student must present a note to Attendance signed by the parent before the school day begins, or the parent must come in and check their child out. The attendance officer issues a pass to leave class and the student must sign out at the Attendance desk when departing, and upon return, must present a doctor’s note with the appointment time indicated. A student must never leave the campus without first reporting to Attendance and obtaining permission. Students who drive will be permitted to drive off campus during the day only for doctor’s appointments, and only then with permission from the parents. Upon return, the student must present a signed note with date and time from the doctor.
75% Rule for Missed Assignments and Tests
Part-day absences, defined as the student coming in late, leaving early, or leaving in the middle of the day and returning, requires a doctor's note in addition to parent approval for the student to receive full credit for assignments/quizzes/tests missed. If the doctor's note is not provided within 24 hours of the absence, the 75% rule for make-up grades is applied. If the student returns to school the same day and arranges with the teacher to take the test that same day, the student will receive full credit for the grade earned.
Illness at school
If a student becomes ill or is involved in an emergency situation where he/she must leave school, the parents or emergency contact is notified prior to dismissing the student. Only the principal or grade level assistant principals may give a student permission to leave the campus during class hours.
Students making phone calls home regarding illness must follow these steps:
  1. Report to the clinic
  2. Be assessed by the nurse
  3. Call parents/emergency contact in the presence of the nurse
Students that are unable to drive may only be picked up from the clinic by parents and guardians or designated adults age 18 or older. Students incurring a part-day absence following this procedure are excused, and can make up all work missed for full credit.

Sherry Hart, Administrative Assistant - Attendance