Letter From the Blessed Trinity Administration

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Dear Blessed Trinity Community,

Along with you, our hearts are saddened and outraged at the recent events and the continual existence of racism in our country.  Our prayers are with those families, and all those that are treated unfairly at the hand of racism. 

We strive at Blessed Trinity Catholic High School to teach our students to stand up for those who are not treated fairly.  We are called to value and protect all life. We should do so with prayerful hearts and a Christlike example. It is not enough to be aware that racism exists.  We are also called to action. We are called to prayerfully work to end racism and violence, and for a return to Christ and the Church.  We are called to stand up for all of our brothers and sisters. We are called not only to preach the Gospel, but to live out the Gospel.  

This past weekend we celebrated the feast of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles and gave them the gifts necessary to build the church. But that was not the end of the story.  The apostles had to go out, preaching, and converting those to Christianity.  If they had stopped after they received the gifts, we would not have our Church today. Watching the news and reading this letter should not be the end of the story. We need to go out, living and preaching the message of Christ. Christ conquers all evil.

1 John 4:20-21

“If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ but hates his brother, he is a liar; for whoever does not love a brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. This is the commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.”

We pray that we as a community can stand together with our brothers and sisters and live an example of equality and love of neighbor.


Sincerely yours in Christ, 

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School Administration