First Titan Legacy

Friday, October 8, 2021

For a school founded in 2000, Blessed Trinity has reached a surprisingly large amount of benchmarks. The athletics teams have won over 50 state championships, it was named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2014, and it celebrated its 20th anniversary. However, one accolade they had not achieved yet until this year was the enrollment of a “legacy student.”

A legacy student is a student who had at least one parent graduate from the same high school that they are enrolling in. It speaks volumes about that high school, because it shows that the graduates of that high school truly enjoyed their time there and have so much respect for the school that they are willing to send their children there. This fall, BT’s first legacy student, Kelsey Carrig, enrolled as a freshman.

Mrs. Brittany Callihan, Kelsey’s mother, who graduated from BT in 2005 spoke of her experience at the school and why she chose to send Kelsey there. Mrs. Callihan said that it has always been important to her for Kelsey to go to a school that, “she can obtain an excellent education at and grow in her faith.” She added, “I also wanted her to be able to experience Blessed Trinity as I did.”

Mrs. Clements, Alumni Director and class of 2007 graduate, expects the number of BT legacy students to continue to grow. “I know from my experience, as well as the experience of many of my friends and former classmates, that we had such an amazing four years here at BT.” Mrs. Clements is certain that she and her former classmates will all want their children to have the same memorable high school experience that they had. She believes that because every day at work, she sees how BT instills its four pillars (Spiritual Formation, Academic Excellence, Artistic Sensibility, and Athletic Achievement) in its students in order to provide them with a fulfilling high school experience.

Interestingly enough, while some aspects of the school have changed, such as the addition of the house system or the introduction of SAGE Dining Services, according to Mrs. Callihan, many aspects remain constant. One of those aspects is a few of the teachers and administrators, namely Mr. Henry, Mr. Price, Mr. Barden, and Mrs. Hurley, who Mrs. Callihan remembers having while she was there, and who Kelsey will get to meet during her four years at BT.

With Homecoming taking place this weekend, it would be fitting to compare how Homecoming was when Mrs. Callihan was at BT to how it is in 2021. She recalled that they still had a carnival and a fun dance back then, but, “there is a lot more school spirit and student involvement now!” A major example of that school spirit and student involvement is the week leading up to Homecoming, in which costume/dress themes are assigned for each day. 

Taking part in Homecoming week, Kelsey dressed up in the Kidz Bop theme that freshmen were assigned. As a Queen of Angels graduate and a legacy student, Kelsey has been around Blessed Trinity for most of her life, so she said she knew about what to expect when she enrolled here. Kelsey says that so far her favorite aspect of the school is, “the way that the block schedule works,” which is definitely a favorite among all of BT’s students. 

Kelsey admitted that it is, “kinda weird to think about how my mom went to the same high school that I’m going to,” but it is helpful to her to already know some of the people in the BT community, including her grandfather, Mr. Kenan, the Director of Facilities. 

While enrolling a first legacy student may not seem as prestigious or glamorous as winning state championships or being named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, it is still a significant benchmark for BT to meet. It celebrates Kelsey as its very first legacy student, welcomes her into the BT community, and hopes for many more legacy students like her in the coming years!