Elevate - Spiritual Day of Renewal

Monday, February 10, 2020

Elevate:  to raise or lift something or someone to a higher position, to raise to a more important or impressive position.

Blessed Trinity's Campus Ministry Department has been ramping up our weekend retreat programs, bible studies and faith sharing activities before/after school, and brainstorming other formats that might facilitate deeper conversion and transformation in Christ.   The problem we saw though was that these events were optional and few students (percentage wise) were taking advantage of them.  Of course we'd prefer to have mandatory weekend class retreats by gender which would provide lots of time for good programing and reflection ... the logistics, cost, etc. appeared prohibitive for this format.

"After attending the FOCUS SEEK 2019 Conference for college students in January, 2019," Father Bob Frederick said, "I experienced some great keynotes, breakout sessions, exhibitors, ... and of course 18,000 college students and more than 300 priests.  I thought about how this might be done on a high school level.... where all the students could experience it throughout an entire day.    After discussing the idea with the Campus Ministry staff and Ms. Lancaster, we decided to give it a shot.  Thus, the first (and hopefully annual) Elevate Conference was held on Thursday, February 6, 2020 at Blessed Trinity High School!   We are currently surveying students, faculty, staff, and parent volunteers to make it even better should we get the opportunity to do so."

The speakers were dynamic, the band was off the hook, and the Holy Spirit was clearly moving!  From start to finish the whirlwind of a day was filled with excitement and energy as everyone got to experience the first-ever day long student spiritual renewal day!  What an absolute gift it was to have the lineup of priests, speakers, musicians, and missionaries who were all able to address the wide variety of topis our students gave us to dig into deeper for them.  No one knew what to expect but by all counts, every expectation was exceeded and we look forward to fine-tuning and improving and adding to it for next year.  Way to go BT - branching out to find even more ways to meet the students where they are!