Day 0 - Saturday, January 4, 2020 - Robotics Kickoff Event

Saturday, January 4, 2020


Almost all the robotics team members attended the FRC kick off at Georgia Tech on January 4th.   

We all arrived at the Georgia Tech Ferst Center at 8 am. We checked in and ate a quick complimentary breakfast along with the other teams before we went into the theater. From there, we listened to the presenters until the Twitch stream started at 10 o’clock. We were all really excited for this years partnership with Star Wars! 

After the presentation, the team went to lunch at the Varsity and came back to attend the sessions held by other teams. Our team divided to make sure we could gain as much knowledge as we could.

Programming Session - David and Dario

We attended the Programming Session at FRC kick off. We learned the basics of Visual Studios and how to program a basic drive train. They passed out flash drives with sample code that we then took and learned the basics of programming a drive train. 

Bumpers Session - Ben

Mechanical Session - C.J.

The Mechanical Session, led by members of the Robo Jackets, described the uses of several parts. It described how to build gearboxes, and the different effects of different chains.

Safety Session - Mary

The session was led by East Cobb Robotics’ Safety team. They gave a three tiered method on how to approach safety on the team. The first tier consisted of basic safety measures outlined in the FRC handbook. The second tier had to do with enhancing our safety culture in doing things that better suited our team’s needs. This included inviting people to come teach CPR sessions to team members or just making sure that everyone was aware of the needs of others. The final tier was the outreach aspect in which ECR explained how they have done outreach in their community and by doing presentations at competitions. They also provided a Google Drive link with some things that they shared with us at the session.