Cross Country Alumni


Welcome back to Blessed Trinity Cross Country!  Go Titans! 

Collegiate Runners:

Class of 2021

Hannah Miniutti-University of Colorado

Nicole Chastain-Texas A & M

Emma Jacobs-DePauw

Class of 2019

Sara Bailey-University of Georgia

Beth Miller-Naval Academy

Class of 2018

Emma Rose Bagwell-University of Georgia

Delaney Sheehan-University of South Florida

Class of 2017

Maddie Heller-University of Georgia

Ben McCoy-Brown

Class of 2016

Mary Claire Solomon - Georgia Tech

Jake Muller-Reinhardt

Class of 2014

Matt Munns - Georgia Tech

Class of 2013
Patrick O'Grady - UNC Greensboro
Ben Sowell - Appalachian State
Natalie Kile - Appalachian State

Class of 2009
Connor Chesser - Appalachian State

Class of 2008
Tim Halinski - Emory
Patrick Jagielski - Clemson

Class of 2007
Margy Coleman - Georgia College & State
Carleen O'Brien - Creighton

Class of 2006
Josh Houser - Appalachian State
Melissa Kopec - Appalachian State
Kaylee Roberts - Auburn

Class of 2005
Greg Johnson - Georgia Tech
Casey Gramling - Georgia Tech

Class of 2004
Chase Oliver - Auburn

Class of 2003
Michael Higgins - Penn State