Cronos 9785

Cronos #9785 was the initial FTC at Blessed Trinity and was created in 2015.  They are composed mainly of experienced FTC members.  The current team captain is Matthew Stevens (Senior) and the co-captain is William Stephanouk (Junior).  The remaining team members are Jacob Brown (Sophomore), Sophia Caiello (Sophomore), Katherine Mason (Senior), and CJ Van Zant (Senior).


FREIGHT FRENZY (2021-2022): League Finalist Alliance 1st Pick

Skystone (2019-2020): League Winning Alliance

Rover Ruckus (2018-2019):  Inspire Award 2nd Place

         Think Award Winner

         Collins Aerospace Innovate Award Finalist

         Motivate Award Finalist

Relic Recovery (2017-2018): Think Award Winner

Velocity Vortex (2016-2017):  Control Award Winner