Basketball Cheerleading

Welcome to Blessed Trinity Basketball Cheer!

We will have a mandatory all-squads bonding event on Saturday, August 7th at BT!

*When and where: From 1:30-10:00pm at BT (check in will be in the lobby and we will spend time in the gym, cafeteria, and Learning Commons).

*Who should attend: ALL squads- JV football and basketball as well as varsity football and basketball cheerleaders.  We will also spend some time with the Junior Titans girls!

*What to wear: Please arrive in black bottoms; sneakers; either a BT shirt, a BT cheer shirt, a green shirt, or a gold shirt; and have your hair off of your face.  You may also bring pajamas to wear while we watch a movie in the evening (pajamas are optional!).  Your shorts MUST be visible beneath your shirt and you must wear shorts of an appropriate length.  One of our goals for the year is modesty and we do not want to see any inappropriately short or tight shorts at ANY time during the season (this means no Nike Pro shorts!).

*What to expect: We will spend time getting to know each other, practicing cheers and dances, completing a service project, making crafts, eating snacks and dinner, and watching a movie.

*Food: We will be serving an afternoon snack, dinner, and an after dinner snack/dessert, but please arrive already having eaten lunch!