NFHS Broadcasting

Blessed Trinity has partnered with the NFHS Network and our state athletic association to broadcast the Titans' athletic contests and school events online. Fans may choose from several options to catch the action live or on-demand (including many away games this year.  Other school events, such as graduation, will be complimentary. 
Subscription passes can be purchased online or in the school bookstore for $60 (School bookstore only accepts FACTS charges for these).  All athletic association membership levels include a pass as part of their cost (and at a discount!).   Passes allow 3 simultaneous logins so the account can be shared with grandparents, relatives, and friends.  Watch the video below on how to set up your account, use your access code, and login simultaneously: 

A subscription includes:

Access to all Blessed Trinity broadcasts: 15+ events, regular season, playoffs, and championships

Access to more than 50,000 additional live and on-demand high school events on the NFHS Network

Access to all tournaments, playoff games, and championship broadcasts nationwide

An exclusive mobile app to watch all of these exciting games on your smartphone or tablet

To visit our team page and view upcoming events, click HERE.

If you are having trouble logging in or using your access code, please email