Financial Aid

Financial aid is a needs based program - there are no merit-based scholarships. Each application is looked at on an individual basis and there is no income limitation. Approximately 19% of our students receive financial aid. To apply for financial aid you must fill out an on-line application. All complete applications will be reviewed and award letters will be mailed with your acceptance letter from Blessed Trinity. Financial aid is awarded without regard to religion, race, origin or gender. Financial aid decisions are made independent of admissions decisions. FINANCIAL AID SHOULD BE APPLIED FOR AT THE SAME TIME AS ADMISSIONS - DO NOT WAIT TO BE ACCEPTED BEFORE APPLYING FOR AID.


Please be aware of the following:

  • The maximum financial aid award for 2022-2023 is 80% of tuition (For example, in 2021-2022, it was $11,120 for the active Catholic rate and $12,720 for the inactive/non-Catholic rate). 
  • Students who are awarded financial aid must complete work study during school hours. (Work-study takes the place of an elective course. Our graduation requirements are structured so that students on work-study are able to get all credits needed for graduation. Depending on the amount of aid awarded your student is required to work one or two semesters.)
  • Incoming freshmen are NOT required to complete work-study their freshmen year.
  • Financial aid is an ANNUAL award, you must reapply every year and your award amount may change every year based on your current circumstances.
  • If your student is coming from a public middle school please fill out the GRACE scholarship application in addition to the financial aid application. The GRACE application can be found at under the “For Parents” tab. The GRACE application (and supporting documentation) should be sent directly to Blessed Trinity. (Please see note at bottom of page concerning GRACE Scholars and other SSO transfers.)

Application Instructions:

  • You must apply on-line at Click on the applicant sign-in button and follow the step by step instructions. (FACTS charges a $30 application fee.)
  • You will need all of your monthly and annual household expenses to be able to complete the application.
  • Under the Student and School information section please make sure you enter ALL students attending a private elementary or high school, not just those students attending Blessed Trinity. (College expenses are listed in another section.)
  • You must upload your 2021 tax return (all pages and all schedules) and your 2021 W-2/1099 to FACTS at 1-866-315-9264.
  • If you have partnership income you will also need upload your 2021 1065, Form 8825 and Schedule K-1.
  • If you have an S-Corp you will also need to fax your 2021 1120S, Form 8825 and Schedule K-1.
  • Only under extreme circumstances will 2020 tax returns be accepted, this must be pre-approved by the Business Manager.


  • Applications that are complete by the March 1st deadline will be given priority processing and will receive an award letter with your admissions decision letter in April 2022.
  • Applications are not considered complete and no aid will be awarded until FACTS reviews your tax returns.
  • Applications completed after the deadline will be charged a $50 late fee that will be deducted from your financial aid award. In addition late applications, not due to a job loss/change, may be subject to a $500 reduction in aid per student.
  • If you have any additional questions please contact Monica Chambers, Business Manager, at


The mission of GRACE Scholars, Inc. is to provide children from families with financial need throughout the state of Georgia with greater opportunities to secure a quality PK-12 Catholic education.


GRACE Scholars, Inc. is the official scholarship organization (SSO) for the schools sponsored by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta.  It offers families the opportunity to access a faith based, academically strong, and community based Catholic education in the state of Georgia. All students receiving GRACE Awards have demonstrated financial need as determined by a third-party analysis of a family's ability to pay tuition. The dollar amount of the award varies based on financial need and must be applied for each year.   

  • Click here for information regarding eligibility and requirements
  • Click here to apply for the GRACE Scholars Program


Schools in the Archdiocese of Atlanta reserve the right to decline funding from SSOs which do not award scholarships based on financial need. In addition, the maximum amount of SSO scholarships awarded to students in Archdiocesan Schools is the lowest of the following: student's calculated financial need; 80% of the tuition rate applicable to the student; an index of per-pupil public school spending in Georgia; and, the maximum cap established by the local school. 

GRACE Scholars, Inc. welcomes the transfer of Funding from one SSO to another as allowed by state law. In these instances, the school reserves the right to award GRACE scholarships in accordance with local procedures.