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Tuition and Financial Aid

A Blessed Trinity Catholic education is possible and affordable!


We believe that all students should experience an exceptional and challenging academic environment that prepares them for a life of faith, service and leadership.

Financial Aid is awarded to approximately 16% of our students with an average award of $6000 per student.

2023-2024 Student Tuition Rates & Fees

$18,400 per student
Non-Active/Non-Catholic rising freshmen, sophomores and juniors

$16,200 per student
Active Catholic rising freshmen, sophomores and juniors
All rising seniors

Registration Fee - $400 (non-refundable)
Chromebook Fee - $300-$600
Advanced Placement Exam Fee - $95 each
Driver’s Education Course Fee - $400
Graduation Fee - $250 (for rising seniors only)

Books – $400 - $700 (through MBS Direct)
Uniforms – Approximately $250
P.E. Uniforms - $75-$100
Fine Arts Supply Charges - $15 - $35 a semester
Lunches – Approximately $6-8 a day


$1.3 million

Financial Aid Awarded in 2022-2023


Parish Affiliation and Verification Form

The Active Catholic tuition rate is offered as a benefit to those families who are considered active Catholics. We strongly encourage families wanting to nurture their own faith as well as impress upon their children the importance of faith, to attend Mass regularly and contribute to the life of their parish through the sacrifice of time, talent, and treasure. 

For rising sophomores and juniors to receive the active Catholic tuition rate, you must have your Catholic parish complete a Parish Verification Form on your behalf. This completed form must be submitted by the parish to Blessed Trinity by April 1, 2023.

Parish Verification Form

Additional Tuition & Financial Aid Information

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