Admissions FAQ

What factors are considered by Blessed Trinity when making admissions decisions for applying students?

We look at everything we ask families to submit: historical grades, recommendation letters, SSAT scores, discipline records as well as the parent and student responses. Our approach is to take a comprehensive view of each prospective student.

How many students will apply to Blessed Trinity each year?

It varies from year to year. Blessed Trinity is a highly sought after high school for many families. Our goal is to accept the students who best fit our school’s offerings in order to make up an incoming freshmen class of 250 students.

How does the admissions team utilize the SSAT scores?

The SSAT scores are one of the factors in the admissions decision process. SSAT scores are a significant factor in determining course level placements for incoming students. If a student takes the SSAT more than once, we will superscore(take the best from both) the results.

Is there a minimum score required on the SSAT?

No. The SSAT is one factor considered in the admissions decision.

Do we need to have everything submitted by the February 1st deadline?

No. The initial application and fee are due by February 1st in order to avoid a higher application fee and guarantee consideration for the April 2nd notification date. The admissions team will spend the month of February reviewing applications and collecting any outstanding items.

Does Blessed Trinity require an interview as part of the admissions process?

No. Families are contacted directly by the admissions office if more information is needed.

When are families notified about their admissions status?

Families receive an email the morning of the first Saturday of April. Students are either accepted, placed on a wait list or notified that they have not been accepted. A follow up notification letter is also mailed to students who have been accepted at the beginning of the next week.

Are placement tests offered for accepted students?

Yes. Placement tests are offered soon after acceptance letters are sent in the areas of Math and World Languages.

We are not Catholic. Does that impact admissions decisions?

No. All students are reviewed together. Our Catholic student population is approximately 80% of the student body.

Will classes taken in middle school count towards graduation credits required at Blessed Trinity?

No. Only classes taken in high school will be considered for graduation credits.

Does Blessed Trinity provide transportation for students?

Currently, morning transportation is available from the Town Center Mall area each school day.

Do all students take religion/theology classes?

Yes. All students are registered for 8 classes each semester. One of the 8 classes is always a grade level religion class. These courses are not leveled and are treated as academic classes within each student's block schedule.

How does Blessed Trinity’s block schedule work?

Students are scheduled for 8 classes each semester. Students attend 4 of their classes every other day. Students have a Green Day with 4 classes, and a Gold day with their other 4 classes. This cycle continues throughout the semester.

Does Blessed Trinity offer scholarships?

No. Blessed Trinity offers need based financial aid for students.