Learning Center

Blessed Trinity's Learning Center

Our Mission
Our mission is to serve and enrich the BT student body by providing additional academic support resources for identified students with special learning needs. The goal of the Learning Center is to assist in the development of the individual student’s academic potential. We believe that every student has the ability to be successful, and it is our mission to help students find that path to success.

Learning Specialists

  • Lisa Scicchitano: 9th and 12th grade students; SAT Testing Accommodations 
  • Kim Yates: 10th and 11th grade students; ACT Testing Accommodations 

Frequently Asked Questions (Document Linked)

Services provided by the Learning Center

  • Provide support with study skills, organizational strategies, and test preparation 
  • Monitor students’ progress on a weekly basis, and meet with students to review academic strengths and areas requiring additional supports 
  • Collaborate with teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents in order to collectively promote student success 
  • Ensure that students understand how to use their approved accommodations, and monitor students’ use of accommodations
  • Request accommodations for ACT and College Board tests
  • Promote self-advocacy skills that encourage students to utilize accommodations within their classes
  • Coordinate the STARS program, a peer tutoring program available to all BT students 
  • Provide professional development for teachers to learn more about strategies and support for students with learning differences