Trinity Fund


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Providing resources for Blessed Trinity's third decade of excellence

The Trinity Fund is the single most important way for you to support Blessed Trinity, as it will provide additional funds for all eight budgeted areas of the school. The Trinity Fund provides new levels of recognition and incentives, including lifetime giving recognition, Young Alumni Leadership levels, and the inclusion of Fine Arts Association and Athletic Association memberships at the upper levels.





For the first 15 years after graduation, young alumni have the opportunity to join the Young Alumni Leadership Society by making incremental gifts at a leadership level. This program allows young alumni to gradually increase their giving during the first 15 years after graduating from Blessed Trinity.

0 - 5 years since graduation $250+

6 - 10 years since graduation $500+

11 - 15 years since graduation $1,000


**All donors that contribute at the $2,500 level or above, as well as members of the Young Alumni Leadership Society, will be recognized at the Major Donor Mass & Reception.