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2017-18 Summer Assignments


2017-18 Blessed Trinity Summer Assignments

Dear Parents,

In the links below you will find all the summer assignments for Blessed Trinity students this coming school year. On each of the links, specific instructions and detailed information about assignment requirements and expectations can be found. Please note that all assignments are due at the time specified by the instructor. If you have any questions of clarity, please contact the respective teacher for the course. For all English courses, please contact the department head, Ms. Allison Roberts (, if you have questions.

The assignments are divided by department. You will need to know what courses your child has signed up for in order to view the correct assignments. Your child may be scheduled to take multiple courses on this list so please make sure s/he completes ALL necessary assignments for EACH course s/he is scheduled to take next year. Please note that some courses have more than one assignment that must be completed.

Please make sure your student completes their assignments prior to the first day of school. They should follow the instructions for each assignment which may require turning in all or part of it prior to the first day.

English Department

English I Honors (Course #110) Summer Assignment

English I Advanced (Course #111) Summer Assignment

English I Academic (Course #112) Summer Assignment

World Literature Honors (Course #120) Summer Assignment

World Literature Advanced (Course #121) Summer Assignment

World Literature Academic (Course #122) Summer Assignment

AP English Language (Course #128) Summer Assignment

American Literature Adv (Course #131) Summer Assignment

American Literature (Course #132) Summer Assignment

AP English Literature (Course #140) Summer Assignment

British Literature (Course #142) Summer Assignment


Math Department

Geometry Honors (Course #320) Summer Assignment

Precalculus Honors (Course #340) Summer Assignment

AP Statistics (Course #360) Part 1 (Instructions & Notes) Summer Assignment

AP Statistics (Course #360) Part 2 (Slides) Summer Assignment

AP Statistics (Course #360) Part 3 (Quizzes) Summer Assignment

AP Calculus AB (Course #350) Part 1 Summer Assignment *

AP Calculus AB (Course #350) Part 2 Summer Assignment

AP Calculus BC (Course #370) Part 1 Summer Assignment *

AP Calculus BC (Course #370) Part 2 Summer Assignment

* Mrs. Muller has created a video to provide some additional information and extra help with the summer Calculus assignments.

Science Department

AP Chemistry (Course #440) Summer Assignment

AP Environmental Science (Course #470) Summer Assignment


Social Studies Department

AP Human Geography (Course #205) Summer Assignment

AP World History (Course #220) Summer Assignment

World History Advanced (Course #221) Summer Assignment

World History (Course #222) Summer Assignment

AP US History (Course #230) Summer Assignment


Foreign Language Department

AP Spanish (Course # 526) Summer Assignment

AP French (Course #546) Summer Assignment

AP French (Course # 546) Reading La dot

AP Latin (Course # 570) Summer Assignment


Theology Department

Apologetics (Course # 041) Summer Assignment