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STEM Growth

Entering the third year of teaching Introduction to Engineering, Dr. Hollers and Coach Findlay wanted to add more hands-on activities to the course that were relevant to the engineering professions covered. They applied and were accepted to the STEM Educator Training Program at the United States Naval Academy. After getting accepted to this highly competitive program, they drove up to Maryland where they engaged in five full days of hands-on, project-based activities. They also networked with other engineering educators and came away with a wealth of activities that are currently being implemented in the course. For example, students are creating their own altoid tin portable power banks for their cell phones while learning soldering, circuit design, and component identification. A new unit on pneumatics and hydraulics will also be implemented based on the resources and activities provided by the program. This was a truly unique and engaging experience that has directly benefited and improved the Introduction to Engineering course and has inspired future ideas for where the course may lead.