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reLAX: Routines, Rules, Resources, and Recruiting



Spring Break 2016 Running Guide: Lacrosse season isn't over...whether at the beach, in the mountains, or simply in the is essential to stay in shape during Spring Break. Here's your guide to do just that!

Wall Ball routine sample. The stick drills in this routine should be used daily in the off-season and several times per week during the season. Once you master your stick (which takes a lot of dedication) the rest of your game will fall into place with much less frustration. Stick with it!

Running Guide sample. The nature of a lacrosse game consists of endurance running, short bursts of speed, stop-and-start running with high intensity, and a bit of body and stick contact thrown in, with only brief rests on the bench while waiting for your next shift. Here's a sample running guide to get you started.


BFF. (BE FIECE but FAIR!) Rules Rule! For the latest update on rules for the women's game, CLICK HERE.


Parents Guide to Girls Lacrosse. This guide is designed as an introductory guide for parents who are relatively new to the game of lacrosse. It is intended to provide information - ranging from game rules to equipment needs - that will help you in your understanding of the sport. For further information on the High School game, see the US Lacrosse website.

US - National Governing Body of Men's, Women's and Youth Lacrosse. US Lacrosse is the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse, primarily serving the youth game. It provides a leadership role in virtually every aspect of the game, boasts 63 chapters throughout the United States, and offers programs and services to inspire participation while protecting the integrity of the sport. Check out the website for the latest in all aspects of the game.


So, you want to play in College...check out this guide to recruiting from USLacrosse.  For more information on the recruiting process, check out the information at US Lacrosse.