Spiritual Life

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Student Testimonials


“I learned that God can use me to show his light to others.”

“I, like the kids, learned how forgiveness and accepting others is very important in our lives.”

“You need to be open with your faith.”

“No matter who they are, everyone is important.”

“Altar serving has greatly impacted my faith.

I get more out of the Mass…I choose to serve; it is not an obligation.”

“I learned that the elderly are very lonely…I plan on (helping the elderly) doing this more often.”

 “I learned that helping others can help me learn things about myself.”

 “I learned how lucky I am to have all that I do. 

I don’t think it is fair for me to complain about trivial matters.”

 “I learned how tough life can be.”

“I learned that it is important to spread our faith to kids because they are eager to learn. I also learned how much God loves us and cares about us.”

 “Helping others is a reward in itself.”

“I learned how fortunate I am to be me and take nothing for granted. I learned how fun it can be to help others and I will continue to work for Special Olympics.”

“I learned humility, friendship, and how hard work and stress truly pay off in the end!”

 “…how happy you can make someone…these guys don’t have anything yet they are positive…and smile when you give them a drink. It does more than give them a smile, it gives you a smile.”