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Operation Playpen - April 28

In August, BT for Life and Campus Ministry introduced the Spiritual Adoption program where the students were asked to spiritually adopt a newly conceived baby and pray for that baby for nine months.  

Not all newly conceived babies are allowed to be born and many lose their lives to abortion each day, and it is for these babies that we ask the students to pray.  

Prayer cards were distributed to those students taking part in the program, and posters illustrating the monthly development of the babies have been displayed by Campus Ministry.  

These spiritually adopted babies will be born in May, and we will celebrate by holding a baby shower on Thursday, April 28.  During lunch periods, students may participate by bringing in a baby gift or making a donation.  These gifts will be donated to crisis pregnancy centers in Atlanta in order to help mothers in need.  We will also have a cake in celebration of the births of these babies.