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Chariot Film Festival


This Friday, April 22, BT’s Habitat for Humanity will host the school’s annual Chariot Film Festival, showcasing original student-made films. A “Best Picture” award is given to the film that garners the highest percentage of audience votes and raises the most money, as well as prizes for individual acting performances and several categories of technical merit. This is a fun event that you will not want to miss, so please come out and support our BT Habitat for Humanity Chapter.

Check out an earlier published article from former online journalism student Kathleen Bradley ’16 concerning all that goes into making a film.

In order for HFH to meet its goal of $10,000, the organization has been participating and planning a variety of fundraising events planned throughout the year. Additionally, donations to the school’s chapter are always gratefully accepted. Donations should be directed to Mr. Ed Morzen, BT Habitat for Humanity advisor. As always, thank you for your generosity.

The Chariot Film Festival is an event like no other at BT; can’t wait to see you there!