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Senior Day of Reflection


A chill, as well as rain, was in the air as Blessed Trinity Catholic High School seniors woke up for the school’s Senior Day of Reflection. With the threat of cancellation looming due to the weather, the entire senior class embarked on an event that would eventually bring them closer together.  

The Class of ‘06 kicked off the day with Mass, and then boarded buses to their destination, HomeStretch, a Roswell organization that provides short-term transitional housing to help local homeless families.  

“They provided the housing; we provided the man-power,” said senior Greg Callas.   

Mrs. Karen Hurley, a business teacher at Blessed Trinity as well as one of the senior class sponsors, said, “It was awesome to see almost 200 kids all over the neighborhood pitching in to accomplish in three hours what the director of Homestretch estimates would have been three months of work for them.”   

The students did yardwork, built furniture, cleaned, and prepared the houses for future residents. BT senior Brooke Harris didn’t mind all of the hard work. “I love spreading mulch in the rain… It’s my favorite.”  

It was no small feat to coordinate so many students at once, working on several different projects, but it was great “to see them working together as a team and doing it with a joyful attitude,” said Mrs. Georgianna Shuert, senior class sponsor and Theology Department Head.   

According to one senior, some of the students may have surprised themselves at what could be accomplished working together as a community. “It was an enlightening experience that transformed me body and soul, and led me closer to God on the eternal pathway to His glory,” commented Kevin Hobt. 

The students weren’t the only ones who made the Senior Day of Reflection a success; there was an entire team of volunteer parents that provided lunch for the crew when the work was finished.  BT parent Tom O’Sullivan was head chef in the park and coordinator of 200 hotdogs and hamburgers.  

“This day truly exemplified what we strive to teach our students about giving back to their community and helping those less fortunate,” said Mrs. Hurley.   

Greg Callas was filled with a sense of pride, looking at what his class accomplished working together, “I think it’s really cool that as a Catholic school we get the opportunity to go out as a whole class, the entire senior class, and serve the community.”   

If you are interested in finding out more about HomeStretch, you can go to their web site at: https://www.homestretch.org.