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Mission Trip 2012 Memories


“I learned how much my presence can make some children smile; I like the friendships I made and the love we shared. I brought God’s message of love and service to others.”

 “I learned how gracious the people were even though they don’t have much…I learned that material possessions don’t matter nearly as much as we think.”

 “I learned that even in places of great need for basic necessities such as (clean) water, love and kindness can not only exist but thrive.”

 “I absolutely loved it. It was by far the best experience of my life and I cannot wait to go again. I was devastated to leave because service really brings out the best in me and I love it.”


“I learned to take nothing for granted. The people of Nicaragua were so happy to see us and so excited to get toilets, something we take for granted. We represented Christ on this trip.”

 “I truly came to appreciate everything I have. I loved the time spent with the people and I learned so much from them. I will never forget the faces and the amazing attitude I saw in them. It is truly an inspiration for me.”

 “Cherish everything you have.”


“I learned that happiness is a choice and that no matter what your economic standing is in the world, love and happiness can be present. 

I learned humility and directly saw God’s love through the people of Nicaragua.”


“Water is a gift.”


“From this mission trip, I learned to take nothing for granted and to appreciate everything God has given you and to always give back.”


“I learned how grateful I am to have what I have.”


“I learned how rewarding the mission experience is.”


“This service helped me understand what true happiness is and helped me appreciate everything in my life.”


“I liked how appreciative the people were and how much more appreciative people are when you show them God’s love by working with them not just for them.”