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March for Life


They walked. They marched. They prayed. 

Forty Blessed Trinity students, along with a half dozen faculty and staff members, joined the crowd of Pro-Life supporters in downtown Atlanta for the March for Life Rally this week.  

The march is an annual event for the school, and according to Karen Hurley, the school’s Pro-Life club moderator, the number of attendees increases every year. “I was very proud to take 40 students this year to the annual March for Life. Our numbers grow each year as students want to step up and take a stand for Life.” 

Greg Callas, a senior at BT, has always understood the importance of being Pro-Life, but he realized the enormity of the cause only after seeing the large crowd. “It’s awesome to see all the support for Pro-Life. I felt like I needed to support pro-life to show people my beliefs  instead of simply just saying I am Pro-Life.” 

While the pounding rain may have stopped other marches, the BT contingency used the challenge to fortify their mission. “The pouring rain did not seem to diminish the crowd at all,” according to Mrs. Hurley. “Trekking through several inches of water in the streets only served to make the students even more proud of what they were doing and the message we were sending to onlookers.” 

BT Campus Minister Jocelyn Givens said the bad weather was a minor inconvenience considering the message they were trying to relay.  “It was a great sacrifice having to walk around downtown in the pouring rain; it gave us something to offer up. It was clear that those who faced the elements had strong convictions when it comes to promoting life. You could tell it made an impression on the on-lookers as they were waiting out the rain to cross the street. We were praying and walking straight down the middle of the street.” 

Senior David Cranston said that although the reason for the march is a very serious one, the students used the time together to connect and have some fun as well. “When it started to really rain hard we were all walking, so a couple of us grabbed the BT banner and used it as a make-shift umbrella,” he said.