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Blessed Trinity Opens Doors to Catholic School Students from the Gulf Coast Area.

Blessed Trinity Opens Doors to Catholic School Students from the Gulf Coast Area.

It started with a phone call: “Hi. I am calling for a friend whose nephew is headed to their house in Atlanta from the New Orleans area. The nephew’s children have been in Catholic school all their lives and they were wondering if you have any spaces available?”

“Friday was the most rewarding day of my career,” said Frank Moore, Principal of Blessed Trinity. “We registered eight Catholic school students from New Orleans. Director of Admissions Megan Ryan met with them to go over paperwork, pick classes and give a brief tour. Registrar Paul Stevens put together their class schedules. MBS Direct called to tell me they would provide loaner texts at no cost. I got permission from the Superintendent to admit the families tuition-free.”

In an effort to help those displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Blessed Trinity is offering free tuition and waiving all fees to any students already enrolled in a Catholic high school in the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast area of the United States.

“Any family whose student presently attends a Catholic high school, and who has found their way to the metro-Atlanta area will be able to enroll at Blessed Trinity without concern for tuition,” said Moore.

Moore, a native of the New Orleans area, said he feels that this is a chance for the school to fulfill its mission of transforming lives in Christ. “I chatted with the families waiting their turn, swapping New Orleans stories - I went to high school and college and began my teaching career there - and assuring them we would do everything we could to help, including helping them find work. I think the New Orleans connection helped them feel a little more at home.

“Over the last week, we have received calls from families displaced by this disaster as well as from friends of those either heading to or arriving in Atlanta,” said Moore. “They are in desperate need of our help and we will do anything to make this terrible time a little easier for them.”

Director of Admissions Megan Ryan is excited about the possibilities for the students at Blessed Trinity to embrace those who have been touched by this national disaster. “The opportunity to reach out to these families at this time will bring our school community closer together."

Moore said he hopes that this assistance will help the families from the devastated areas regain some sense of normalcy and that the BT community will be enriched by their presence here at the school.

“I put out an e-mail to the faculty and immediately was inundated with e-mails and drop-ins from teachers saying they would do whatever it takes. Richard Barden, one of our social studies teachers and a football/wrestling coach, came by to say ‘Bring ‘em on. In public school I was used to 35 in a class.’ That won’t happen, but the sentiment was sure appreciated,” Moore said.

Paul Stevens, the school’s registrar and head volleyball coach, said he received the same response from faculty. “I have never been more proud to be a part of this faculty.”