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Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity’s goal is to help eliminate poverty one house at a time, and BT is proud to join other schools, churches and community organizations in this endeavor. Last year, BT’s chapter of HFH contributed nearly $7,000 to building homes in North Georgia and earthquake relief in Haiti with many students participating in building days at Centennial Village in Milton and the Marist Women Build in Atlanta. A special thanks to all the students, parents and faculty who helped make our 2009-10 school year a success.

Over the summer, six BT students traveled to Mobile, AL, to participate in a week-long 2010 Collegiate Challenge. Throughout the week, they worked on rehabilitating a house for a single mother from the local area. The work ranged from demolition of a fireplace to clearing walls of layers of old wallpaper to installing flooring.  The BT students worked together with local volunteers and were able to spend some time with supporters of Habitat in the area.  Although it was one of the most labor-intensive Habitat projects that our students have worked on, it was more than rewarding, and God blessed them incredibly throughout the week.

This year’s leadership team is hard at work planning fundraisers and activities for the 2010-11 school year. The first construction day will take place in Cherokee county on Saturday, September 25. Students of all grade levels are encouraged to become members of HFH. The first chapter meeting will present a slideshow of last year’s events and discuss ways that students can get involved. Check BT’s HFH website for the announcement of the first chapter meeting date in early September.

The success of HFH also depends heavily on the generosity of BT parents and the community at large. Donations are needed immediately for baked goods for fall fundraisers and meals for the Sept. 25 building day volunteers. Cash contributions are the most efficient way to help us fulfill BT’s annual pledge to HFH North Georgia. All contributions are tax deductible. For more information, please contact Kathy Hoffman (khoffman@btcatholic.org) or Ed Morzen (emorzen@btcatholic.org).