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Robotics Tournament

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School hosted Grey league’s Last Chance qualifying tournament February 3, 2018. This event was a qualifying competition for teams trying to qualify for the State tournament.
   Blessed Trinity generously and eagerly stepped up to host this competition. A group of volunteers met on February 2nd to gather supplies and set up for the next day. Dr. Hollers organized the volunteers for the competition and made sure the school maintained its impressive reputation. Though this was the first time BT had organized and hosted an event like this, Dr. Hollers was organized and efficient, so the event was quickly set up.
The next day, the volunteers showed up bright and early to get to work. Final touch ups and tweaks were added just before the teams started to arrive. The volunteers and teams expressed their astonishment with how swiftly things had been set up and how beautiful the facility was. This event was an amazing way to show off our school’s growing STEAM program as well as how stunning and organized the school is.
When the teams arrived they were greeted by students who assigned them tables that they would be using as workstations for the day. The teams checked their robots in, and when they passed the exams, they were sent to judging where qualified volunteers showed their dedication for the next generation of engineers. The teams were divided into three groups to enter judging where they showed off their love for the sport and were asked challenging questions by the judges. They then left their engineering notebooks for the judges to evaluate.
When the competition started, the teams were randomly assigned match numbers with alliance partners that would change throughout the day. Their alliance partner for one match could be their opponent in the next. The student volunteers worked as runners that would alert teams when they were up next in a match. When the finals started, student volunteers, led by Dr. Hollers, broke down the tables and equipment so teams and volunteers would be able to leave earlier without worrying about cleanup. When the awards ceremony ended, volunteers finished cleaning up and went home.
Blessed Trinity was complimented throughout the day for how organized the competition was, how clean the facility was, and how eager the school was to get involved. Students and parents for middle schools and high schools in the area spent the day getting to see the campus and all BT has to offer. The student volunteers were extremely happy to see the assistant principals come and show interest in the growing STEAM program and that the school stepped up when the league said they needed a place to host the tournament. This tournament was a great way to showcase the school.