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A Special Ministry Opportunity-The Pilgrim Virgin

For a couple of years now, through the Spiritual Life Committee, BT has shared the ministry of the “Pilgrim Virgin” with the BT community. The Pilgrim Virgin is a shrine to Our Lady of Guadeloupe you welcome into your home for a one-week period.  At times in our faith journey we are invited to make a pilgrimage to another part of the world but inevitably finances and time often get in the way.  With this opportunity, Mary becomes the pilgrim and we have a chance to welcome her into our homes!  

The shrine comes with a beautiful wooden  rosary, prayers booklets, the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe and a journal for sharing thoughts. All these pieces are in a bag that is picked up and dropped off at the BT Chapel on Wednesday mornings (you can enlist your BT student to pick-up and drop off so you never even have to come by the school). The purpose of this traveling shrine is to encourage family prayer and moments of reflection. Those who have welcomed this special shrine into their homes have said she has brought peace, family unity and increased spirituality to name a few.

Many thanks to those who responded to the call last month.  We have only four weeks remaining from April 27 through May 25.  If you are interested in welcoming the Pilgrim Virgin, e-mail Karen Morakis indicating a desired week or your willingness to be assigned a week. A reminder e-mail, with specifics will follow.

Regardless of your religious affiliation or where you might be on your faith journey, just having the Pilgrim Virgin present in your home is an awesome reminder to be called to prayer, the greatest gift we can give this world.