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House of the Year: 2009-2010

Patron Saint: St. Jean Baptiste LaSalle

Motto: INCITATOR A DEI CARITATE ("Be Driven by the Love of God")

Mascot: Lion

Color: Red

About St. Jean Baptiste LaSalle:

St. Jean Baptiste LaSalle (1651-1719) was a French Priest who dedicated more than 40 years to the education of poor children. He began as the spiritual director of a poor girl's school and later helped to start a poor boy's school. He then founded the first school dedicated to teachers as well as numerous high schools.


LaSalle House Prayer:
God, ever-faithful,
we thank you for the gift to your Church
of Saint John Baptist De La Salle.
We pray that, like him,
we may deepen our friendship with you
and grow more aware of your presence
in our lives each day.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen