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Scholarships & Endowments

The Elizabeth Huffner Memorial Scholarship was endowed by family and friends of Mrs. Huffner, a parent who was very active in the Blessed Trinity community. This scholarship in her honor is awarded to a freshman student for excellence in academics and service, two qualities that she prized. 
2016 Recipient:  Jessica Stephans

The Kevin Mann Memorial Scholarship was endowed by friends and family of Mr. Kevin Mann, who taught Social Studies and coached basketball and tennis here from 2004 to 2006, after teaching many years in the DeKalb County schools. Mr. Mann passed away of cancer after just two years on our faculty, but during that time had a tremendous impact on the students he taught and coached. This scholarship is awarded to a student who achieves in Social Studies, is involved in school activities, and is devoted to their faith.
2016 Recipient:  Ryan Schmitt

The Devon McKniff Memorial Scholarship
was endowed by family and friends of Devon McKniff, who died in an automobile accident during her senior year in December, 2006.  Devon’s two great loves were visual art and Spanish. Indeed, her favorite courses were AP Studio Art and AP Spanish Language. This scholarship is awarded to two students who, like Devon, have a love of the arts.
2016 Recipients:  Joseph Acosta and Joelie Lepp

The Jessica Turner Memorial Scholarship was endowed by the Turner family and friends to honor the memory of the four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Jessica, who died in an automobile accident in February, 2001.  Jessica Turner was frequently at Blessed Trinity events with her parents and was known and loved by many of our staff and students. This scholarship is awarded to a junior girl whose involvement in the spiritual life of the school, membership in extracurricular activities, and success in academics embody the qualities that the Turners were developing in their daughter.
2016 Recipient:  
Katie Flanagan

1st Lieutenant Scott Joseph Fleming Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund was established by the family and friends of 1st Lieutenant Scott Joseph Fleming, Class of 2004.  Scott was killed on September 17, 2010 in Afghanistan during combat operations, while providing security for the Afghan people during their Parliamentary elections.  While a student at Blessed Trinity, Scott was Co-captain of the 2003-04 varsity boys basketball team.  That season, Scott was the leading scorer and led the team to the first state playoff appearance in the program's history.  He is currently the fifth all-time leading scorer in the program.  After graduating from BT, Scott attended LaGrange College where he also played basketball.  Following graduation from college, Scott joined the Marines and faithfully served his country.  
2016 Recipient:  Michael Brugger

The Frank Moore Endowed Scholarship was endowed by Founding Principal Frank Moore and friends.  Mr. Moore led Blessed Trinity for its first 16 years, until his retirement in June, 2016.  Fromthe school's early days, its reputation grew guickly as a first tier academic institution with outstanding service, fine arts, and athletic programs.  A musician and photographer, Mr. Moore had a particular love for the arts at Blessed Trinity.  This scholarship is awarded to a sophomore student who is in the top quartile of the class and is involved in the fine arts program.

The St. Joseph Endowed Scholarship.  Endowed by the familyof Joseph Camperlengo, a decorated Korean War veteran and grandfater of a Blessed Trinity alumnus.  Joseph's infectious personality exuded a confidence that "despite any difficulty, all will be well if we believe in each other."  Awarded to a male who is team oriented and demonstrates leadership, moral courage, and a tireless work ethic.
2016 Recipient:  Victor Nicholl 

The Mary McCullough Memorial Fund.  Mrs. McCullough passed away on September 3, 2016.  As a member of the BT Learning Center, her office was a safe haven for students.  Her kind and loving demeanor helped many students overcome obstacles.  Mrs. McCullough served on the admissions committee and also founded the Students Teaching and Reaching Students (S.T.A.R.S.) program at Blessed Trinity.

To make a donation to any of the above Memorial Scholarships, CLICK HERE.

Below are the privately funded scholarships and their 2016 Recipients.

The Robert White/UPS Scholarship was endowed by an executive of UPS for a young man who embodies both physical and academic skills.                       
2016 Recipient:  
Lucas Ceron

The Martin J. Kinzler Scholarship is sponsored by Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of La Salette Council #8376. The Knights of Columbus Scholarship is awarded to a student whose family is a member of St. Ann's Parish, who has been successful academically, who is active in school activities and in the religious life of the school and parish.
2016 Recipient:  Patricia Wetherly

The Jeff and Jeannie Stokes Family Endowed Award is given to two students who are known for bringing out the best in others and who are kind to all without exception.
2016 Recipients:  Renee Rizzo and Connor Mikell

The Picture Perfect Photography Scholarship is sponsored by David and Denise Huntley, owners of Picture Perfect studio. This award is given to an outstanding sophomore scholar.
2016 Recipient:  Ian Spitler

The American Book Company Scholarship is endowed by Frank and Colleen Pintozzi to be awarded to a student from a minority background who has enriched the life of the school.
2016 Recipient:  Benjamin Gomez

The Goizueta Scholarship is endowed through a grant from the Goizueta Foundation. Mrs. Olga Goizueta, wife of the late Roberto Goizueta, Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, through her foundation, has funded this scholarship at Blessed Trinity. The Goizueta Scholarship is awarded to two students of Hispanic heritage who contribute to the life of the school through scholarship, leadership, and dedication, the qualities possessed by Roberto Goizueta.
2016 Recipients: Nolan Tanner and Carmen Dore