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Annual Fund Phone-A-Thon Raises Over $35,000

"We are calling to ask if you would like to make a contribution to the BT Annual Fund."

On the evenings of December 4, 5, and 6, BT student ambassadors said that line almost a thousand times in their effort to raise money to help balance the school budget and support the mission of BT.  Since tuition does not cover all the expenses for a student to attend BT, the Annual Fund makes up the majority of the difference.

The "Phone-A-Thoners" were:  Marissa Bohan, Garrett Casale, Monica Hogan, Lauren Lonergan, Catherine Maxwell, Trent McMullen, Tierney O'Sullivan, Kimberly Peterson, Elizabeth Danish, Susan Davies, Kayla Dickinson, Nick Gentile, Emma Marsden, Glenn Maust, Jake Morakis(2 nights), Chris Rogge, Celeste Van Weegan, Ally Kramer, Elizabeth Sims, and Maggie Watts.  Mrs. Jann Jones helped keep things moving along and provided the meal each night.

Only current parents who had not yet responded to the Annual Fund were contacted and asked to participate.  The students sorted the families into three categories: those who had given to the Annual Fund before, those who had never given, and those who are new to the BT community.  A different outline/script was used for each group.  Students kept a running total of pledges each night; Tuesday's total was $15,810, Wednesday's total was $12,550, and Thursday's total was $8,200.

The phone-a-thoners were treated to dinner during the phone-a-thon each night, and there were prizes awarded to the callers after they solicited a pledge.

Marissa Bohan lead the way with 12 pledges.  "A few of the people were a little upset about the call," Bohan commented, " but overall is was a great event and a wonderful way to support my school."

If you would like to contribute to the Annual Fund, please call the Development Office at 678-277-9083 ext 525 or email Mr. Casey Dudek, Director of Development, at