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Georgia Regional One-Act Play Competition

BLessed Trinity plays host to the Annual Georgia Regional One-Act Play Competition. 

After only two years of participating in the competition, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School will be hosting local school theatrical groups in Georgia’s Regional One-Act Play Competition on November 3 at 9am.

As newcomers to the event, playing host is a real “feather in the cap” for our school. With an impressive performance in 2004, Blessed Trinity placed 3rd overall with their one-act production of Assembly Line. It was a performance of distinction by a talented and spirited ensemble of actors led by students Amanda Rowell and Robby Glade who earned individual achievement awards.   

The Georgia Regional One-Act Play Competition is an annual event which challenges competing schools to perform a complete one-act play where students are required to set, perform, and breakdown the production within a 55-minute block of time. Success of a production can be attributed not just to the level of acting talent, but also to the support of an incomparable technical crew and the ability of the whole group to work as a team. 

This year Blessed Trinity Theatrical Alliance will perform the play Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin. The play depicts a mythical meeting between Picasso, Einstein, and Elvis and promises to be a fun and entertaining event for audiences of all ages.   

When asked about the group’s preparation for the competition, Director Allan Dodson commented, “I try not to concentrate on winning or losing when we approach the competition. There are too many things that can’t be controlled. I try to get the cast and crew to focus on presenting the best play possible and letting the chips fall where they may. It’s tough, because they want to win. Who wouldn’t?” 

The competition will begin at 9am with productions continuing throughout the morning. Admission is free to the public.