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Fall Plays - What Andy Warhol Never Told Me and Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

Date: 9/15/2017 - 9/16/2017
Time: 7:30 PM - Friday & Saturday, 2:30 pm Saturday
Location: Blessed Trinity Catholic High School
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What Andy Warhol Never Told Me

By Robert Pridham

A motley crew of fame-crazed girls explores the pros and cons of achieving stardom as they relate past brushes with it and pursue new ones. In their race for the limelight, one will reach mega-stardom. But the reason is quite unusual... (approx 55 minutes)

Cast List

SM-Lauren Scruton, Caitlin Lane

MELISSA (Who Wants to Be Famous)                            Anna O’Donavan

THE UNDISCOVERED ACTRESS                                 Grace Ryan

BRANDY, hoping to see “Nicky”                                      Hope Wellington

TAMMY, hoping to see “Nicky”                                        Jenna Gonzalez

GINA, hoping to see “Nicky”                                           Teresa Bascle

Carla, hoping to see “Nicky”                                           Christi Payne

Pam, hoping to see “Nicky”                                            Haven George

MELANIE SMATHER, Writing to People Magazine       Brenna Sculac

SHAWANDA CLEESE, and her 15 minutes of fame      Haven George

THE DIRECTOR                                                            Elizabeth Lewis

AUNT NEDDIE                                                               Lily Cook

THE “SUPERSTAR” Announcer                                    Christi Payne

FIFI MCSUDSO “Superstar Judge”                               Anna Mosetti

WILMA WEATHERWORK “Superstar Judge”               Allyson Ditty

ROWDY ROUGHTOUCH “Superstar Judge”               Sarah Wolfe

MISSY BIDDLES “Superstar Contestant”                     Elizabeth Lewis

LYLA QUAKES “Superstar Contestant”                        Hope Wellington

DWEE “Superstar Contestant”                                     Elyse Daniel

TESS “Superstar Spokesmodel”                                  Anna O’Donovan

LISA (Who wants to be Famous)                                 Madeleine Mirando

MANDY, forming a Girl Group                                     Sophie Ragan

GLORIA, forming a Girl Group                                    Emma Stunda

LLIANA, forming a Girl Group                                     Mary Rose Brabook

*Ensemble of movie Extras, Superstar Audience, Reporters will be played by everyone in the cast when they are not playing their named role!

Performances (Act I) September 15th at 7:30 PM

September 16th at 2:30 PM & 7:30 PM

Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind

Having opened in 1988 and still playing today as the longest-running show in Chicago history, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind is an ensemble experiment in presenting "30 Plays in 60 Minutes." Each two-minute play is performed in random order with an interactive audience. An onstage 60-minute timer keeps everyone honest. Presented in our BT Cafeteria with lots of audience interaction, some refreshments and some surprises! This collection of comic, tragic, political, personal, and abstract plays presented in random order, reflects the lives and experiences of our Theatre Production Class. Go! (Running time Approximately 60 minutes).

Theatre Production Ensemble Members for TML-Teresa Bascle, Taylor Bean, Jack Birth, Emma Bulthuis, Caroline Cornell, Maeve Dempsey, Sean Doherty, Aidan Foley, Haven George, Leo Guthrie, Andrew Hawkins, Luis Jimenez, Hunter Lanius, Elena LaRoss, Thomas Leach, Graham Leslie, Erin McDaniel, Maddy Miller, Maggie Miller, Madeline Mirando, Anna O'Donovan, Maggie O'Neill, Christi Payne, Sophie Ragan, Charlie Scaglione, Michelle Shah, Carolyn Shipley, Lucy Tschetter-Gaus, Jack Wallace, Hope Wellington

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