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Softball Walks for Type 1 Diabetes

The Blessed Trinity girls’ softball team participated in a three-mile-walk fundraiser on October 5 in support of finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes. 

The Lady Titans raised $2,645.14 by selling "shoes" to fellow classmates and soliciting family and friends for contributions to help find a cure for this chronic disease also known as juvenile diabetes. Over three billion children are afflicted with this condition with thirty-five children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes each day in the United States alone.

The softball team would like to thank all who supported the team and contributed to this worthy cause.

Those who participated in the walk included: varsity members Narrie Greene, Katie Birth, Maureen Foley, Lindsey Ramkellawan, Tiffany Entz, Maddy Stanton, Moira Sullivan, Macy Terry, Jess Gatchalian, Michelle Rogge, Katie Hawkins, Haley Chrismon, MaKenzie Lewis, and JV players Bianca Glade, Ashley Halinski, Suzie Hall, and Sammi Morakis.