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Cheer Squad Announcement


Congratulations to the 2009-2010 Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

Cheerleading Squads



Varsity Competition/Football Cheerleaders



  1. Ryan Coyle

The alternates will be part of the Varsity

  1. Tara Crosby-Alternate

Football/Basketball Spirit squad unless/until

  1. Anna Fink- Alternate

they are called to the Competition squad. 

  1. Hannah Garlick

If they are made permanent members of the

  1. Katie Glowacki

Competition squad, they will not be

  1. Corey Hagemeyer

required to cheer for Varsity Basketball,

  1. Leslie Lipsius

but may if they wish. 

  1. Megan Molter

Any Competition cheerleader may cheer for

  1. Eileen Morgan

Varsity Basketball if she wishes. 

  1. Margaret Mraz


  1. Katie Murphy


  1. Bridget Quinn


  1. Olivia Steimle


  1. Kara Stultz


  1. Kelly Wise




Varsity Football/Basketball Cheerleaders

  1. Bethany Beres


  1. Emily Bone


  1. Katrina Lindstrom


  1. Natalie Lotz


  1. Nancy Nguyen


  1. Meghan White




Junior Varsity Football/Basketball Cheerleaders

  1. Alana Bracken


  1. Chloe Cox


  1. Shelby Laurusonis


  1. Katelynn Porto


  1. Maggie Rogers


  1. Eileen Simpson


  1. Abby VandenHueval


  1. Kristen Wright




Any questions concerning Coaches' decisions may be asked via written request to the cheerleading coaches. Address all written concerns to: Blessed Trinity Catholic High School Attn: Cheerleading Coaches 11320 Woodstock Road Roswell, GA 30075   All questions will be handled promptly and you will be contacted. Phone calls, emails, or personal visits will not be permitted.