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Cross Country (Boys)

2016 State Championship
The 2016 cross country season saw the BT Titans have their first individual state champion for cross country: Ben McCoy. Ben took the lead around the 2-mile mark of the race and had to fight for the win all the way to the finish line. He ran the fastest time of any BT Titan on Carrollton's state championship cross country course.


The boys executed the race plan perfectly at the 2015 state championship and it was really beautiful to watch. At the one mile mark we were in roughly 5th place among all teams. At the half-way point we were in roughly 2nd-3rd place. In the final mile the boys poured it on, got the team in first place and finished strong.
It was a great day for all of our runners that raced:

Ben McCoy-4th place
Robby Gipson-7th place
Brennan O'Connor-11th place
Leo Pryor-12th place
Ben Simonsen-15th place
Matthew Lubert-17th place
Robert Turko-21st place
We have never won back to back state championships and we have never scored as few points as we did at the 2015 state championships-49 points. It was an incredible demonstration of depth. We are very proud of each of our boys and feel blessed to coach them.


In the 2014 cross country season, the BT Boys Cross Country team won their second state championship. In an exciting end to the year, the boys cross country team tied East Jackson High School at the state championships and the state championship was decided by the #6 runner. It is fitting that the state championship was decided by the #6 runner as the BT boys cross country team emphasized the importance of depth all season long.  

For the first time in school history, the boys cross country team had more than 27 runners break 20 minutes in the 5k. 31 runners broke 20 minutes in the 5k, 19 runners broke 19 minutes, 11 runners broke 18 minutes, and 7 runners broke 17 minutes in the 5k.

For complete result for all runners visit our team page on