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Boys' Basketball Season Was A Winner


Editor’s Note:
In a tribute to his teammates and coaches, senior Matt Batteh,
submitted this article for inclusion on the BT web site.

This past season, the Blessed Trinity Titans Varsity Basketball team went 21-6. This was the best record in the school's history, eclipsing the previous mark by far. The Titans were ranked as high as 6th in the state and had two big wins over rivals, Marist and St. Pius X. The team achieved this outstanding season with a lot of crisp offense, strong defense and creative game plans. One of the main contributing factors in the team’s winning season was a coaching staff that not only pushed the athletes to do their best but also encouraged them to become a true team. 

Head Coach Brian Marks, who achieved his 100th win as a varsity coach, always had a game plan for both the practices and the games. He always came with an idea of what the team needed to work on and he made sure they stayed focused throughout.

Coach Marks also was there to prepare the team for what they were going to face in a game. The assistant coaches, Jamie Wagner, Tim Rountree and Mark Moses, were an important part of the team’s victories: Coach Wagner set up practices, making sure drills were executed at 100% and helping the athletes focus on the little things; Coach Rountree helped on defensive schemes; and Coach Moses, this year’s newest addition to the coaching staff, was instrumental in the team’s shooting game.

The coaches spent many of their off-hours scouting opponents to better prepare the game plan. Overall, BT’s coaches were always there to help put the players on the right path.

Another reason for such a terrific season was the way the athletes worked as a team even though it was made up of players from three different grade levels. Contributions did not come only from the starting line-up; the players coming off the bench also played a pivotal role in the outcome of the games.

“Although I was the only senior,” commented Matt Batteh, “it did not take a lot from me to keep the team under control.  Everyone on our team was mature far beyond their age.  Each person knew when he was not playing hard or letting his teammates down.  To our team, it did not matter who led us in scoring each night.  Instead, our main focus was on winning.  When we won, all of the individual stats went out the window.  We began to realize that if we played as a team, we were hard to stop.  Not only were we strong teammates on the court, we were also a very close knit group off it as well.  Often times, we would go eat with each other and then go to each others’ house.  We really began to mesh as a team.  Our main element of success this year was playing for one another.” 

The final element that made the season outstanding was that it was dedicated to the memory of Coach Kevin Mann, BT’s freshmen team coach last year. Coach Mann was a person who loved and cared for every single one of his players. He was huge on the team aspect and playing for one another. He would often compare basketball games to going into war. He preached the idea of playing for the person next to you and playing to represent your school.  “With the season commemorated to Coach Mann, we really let some of these ideas sink into our minds,” said Matt. ”We took these words to heart and began to play for the person next to us, putting the team before the individual. Coach Mann would have been extremely proud of this team, and it was our honor to dedicate the season to him.”