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BT Receives Girls Director's Cup


It was another banner year for Blessed Trinity Catholic High School athletics literally! The Titans added four more state championship banners to the schools gymnasium walls during the 2006-07 school year. Because of the victories in girls cross country, volleyball, girls tennis and girls soccer, the school was presented with the 2007 AAA Georgia Athletic Directors Association Directors Cup for the best all-around girls program in the state, the second time the school has been awarded this distinction since it started participating at the varsity level in 2002.

This accomplishment, along with the boys finishing 6th in the state and the schools over-all athletic program finishing in 2nd place, is a great achievement considering Blessed Trinity had just moved up one classification the year before.

Apparently, playing like a girl has a different connotation when speaking of females athletes at Blessed Trinity. I have always been so impressed with the dedication and level of talent shown by the female athletes here, said Ricky Turner, the schools athletic director. To be recognized twice in such a short time is an unbelievable accomplishment. It really says a lot about our committed coaches and our gifted athletes.

According to Frank Moore, BTs principal, the success of the schools athletic teams, while an overwhelming feat, is just the kind of spirit embodied in the BT community. When we opened our doors in 2000, we were very focused on preparing the building, hiring the right teachers, and creating an atmosphere that gave glory to God through Catholic education, he said. The athletic aspect of the school was important as well because we knew how vital sportsmanship, competition and camaraderie are to high school students. Other schools and principals might be shocked by the success we have had, but when you get to know the character of the kids, parents and coaches at BT, one cannot be surprised, only impressed.

The Girls Directors Cup trophies also join the schools 2004-2005 Georgia Athletic Directors Association Directors Cup given for the best all-around sports program in the state at the AA classification. Last year, Blessed Trinity was named the winner of the Cooperative Spirit Sportsmanship Award, an award determined by the regions athletic directors to the region school with the highest level of sportsmanship displayed by the athletes, coaches, and fans.