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Jan-Michael Cart '09


Proud BT Titan to Successful UGA Dawg

Jan-Michael is currently at UGA majoring in Broadcasting. He is continuing to write, direct, and edit movies at UGA, including the sequel to the winner of last year's BT Chariot Film Festival, Expedition Earth. The sequel to Expedition Earth will be released in Late November, and is entitled "A World Unknown".
Check out the trailer for the movie below:

Movie Trailer

 In addition to working on the movie for BT, Jan-Michael is on the "GTV" team, the equivalent to BTTV, except at UGA. He is the Technical Director for two different shows, and the Cinematographer for another one. 

The top picture is Jan-Michael with Taylor Baudry '09 who attends LSU and the bottom picture is Carly Stephans '09 who attends UGA.