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Class of 2008

Class of 2008

Exciting News!
Jessica McAlvaney '08 was awarded UAA Volleyball Player of the Week. You can read about the story here: November 2009

Monica Hogan '08 along with the following BT alum dancers: Katie Kelly '07, Daughtry King '08, Lauren Lonergan '08, Shelby McDonough '10, Erik Renz, Victoria Rodriguez '08 , and Karli Thode '10, all worked with Monica and Clint Edmondson to create a work of art!
Monica was awarded the Dance Project Award from Duke University's dance program, enabling her to create this dance piece called
Ekleipsis. The movie was spectacular and we are so proud of our alumni working with each other!

Class Representatives:

Matthew Parker '08 and Marissa Bohan '08

Class of 2008 Facts:

- Class President: Robert Knox

- Valedictorian: Trent McMullen and Salutatorian: Monica Hogan

- Homecoming Queen: Chelsea Walsh

- Archbishop's Award: Kimberly Peterson and Robert Knox

- Powder Puff Champions: Class of 2011

- Atlanta Journal Constitution Best All-Around Senior: Monica Hogan

The class of 2008 had the largest turnout at the homecoming football game this year with almost 40 alumni who came by the alumni tent!

  We are thankful for their support!!

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