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Natalia Scott '06


Recently Natalia Scott, class of ’06 graduate, was featured in the Athens Publication Skirt! Athens. Below is the magazine excerpt:

“Bethany Dodson and Natalia Scott are responsible for some of the most fabulous soirees in Athens, and across the Southeast.  Dodson, an event coordinator, and Scott, an assistant event coordinator, work together at one of the most prestigious and well-known event design and catering businesses based right here in Athens- Epting Events. 

Both Dodson and Scott have family from Virginia, but were raised in South Georgia.  Together they have coordinated everything from large corporate events, to events on campus to weddings of all sizes, all over the region.  They acknowledge the spirit and vibrant nature of Athens and the community and how this plays a role in beautifully unique events from Epting Events.  Dodson and Scott agree that their favorite part of their work is meeting all of the wonderful clients and working with the wedding vendors in the area.  Dodson calls Scott and herself the “party goers and throwers”. 

These amazing young women offer a fresh perspective on traditional elegance.  They reflect the fun, young energy of Athens, while successfully executing some of the most impressive events in the area.  Bethany Dodson and Natalia Scott are two women using their talents and passions to help others on the most important days of their lives.”

Click here to see more about Natalia’s company Epting Events