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Mel Pacheco '03

Alumna, Founder of Dance Team Teaching Dance Company!

Coming up this school year on January 22nd, 2011, alumni dancer in Dance Company will be putting on a show.

Mel Pacheco was noted as one of the most talented dancers from the charter class. She was given an award at the Awards Assembly in 2003 right before graduation for her accomplishments and passion for her great talent! She now is one of the 2003 class representatives.

She brought the idea of starting a Dance Team to Mrs. Clift in 2002 and so began the team we know continues strong today. The commitment is similar to being a part of a sport Mel has said and the team is highly dedicated to continuously improving their style and rhythm.

They perform during events such as half time at basketball games and at pep rallies during the school year.

In the pictures to the right, Mel is teaching a Dance Company class during 4th block who are due to perform in the spring. They are dancing to music by T-pain called Church.